Google Pixel 4 Renders Surface Online Before Official Announcements from the Maker


Google today shared an official image of the Pixel.

No longer will the Pixel have its two-tone styled back which really helped it stand out in the crowd. Amidst this, Google has officially confirmed the design of its upcoming flagship and I am not sure how to react. Along with the image was the tweet "Well, there seems to be some interest, here you go!"

And that all makes sense if the rumor that Project Soli and its awesome technology may debut in the Pixel 4 line. The would leave a number of alternative options for the Pixel 4; a side button fingerprint sensor, or an in-display fingerprint sensor, of eschewing fingerprints entirely for face/iris camera based biometric security.

Users can safely assume that the Pixel 4 will run on Android Q, Google's latest mobile operating system, which recently released its fourth of six total betas, inching it closer to an official release.

According to market share figures from Gartner, Google is not now among the top five global smartphone manufacturers, although its Android software is the most popular operating system in use.

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Google is expected to fully detail and release the Pixel 4 in October. It is possible that Google made a decision to avoid creating a similar situation this year and confirmed the design of the Pixel 4 itself thereby taking the wind out of further leaks.

One of the most interesting is that this phone will use a sophisticated form of gesture recognition - allowing you to use the phone without even having to touch it. The render showed an all-black device, with a square camera bump on the back. Like the Pixel 3, the Pixel 4 has an all-glass back but this time Google is abandoning its two-tone design that it has had since the original Pixel.

The camera will include the spectral sensor along with an LED flash.

Google has never posted an image of an upcoming phone before an announcement, at least not intentionally.

The main thing that we know, from the picture teaser, is that the rear camera will have a massive camera bump.