Firefighters battle major wildfire in Spain


A forest fire in Spain raged out of control on Thursday amid a Europe-wide heatwave, devouring land despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters who worked through the night, local authorities said.

Regional spokesman Miquel Buch said it was one of the worst fires in Catalonia in the past 20 years.

Authorities believe improperly stored chicken manure on a farm in the village of Torre de l'Espanyol sparked the fire when met with the record heat wave now pounding Europe, Buch said.

Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic all recorded their highest-ever June temperatures on Wednesday.

Meteorologists philosophize sizzling air drawn in from northern Africa is guilty.

People cool off in the sea in Nice, France, on Thursday, as a heat wave hits much of the country.

On Thursday, Météo-France, the French national weather authority, issued a "red level" alert for four departments in the south of the country, the first time this level of alert has been used for a heatwave.

In Paris, fountains and sprinklers connected to hydrants have been set up.

There has been no coordinated shutdown of schools but some have closed in parts of France, while others advised parents to keep children at home.

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As Spain continues to experience a heatwave that could push temperatures above 40ºC, firefighting officials said they did not expect to have the blaze fully stabilized by Friday.

In Paris, Lyon and Marseille, authorities have banned the most-polluting cars from the roads in recent days.

Temperatures have hovered 104 degrees in Catalonia this week. On Wednesday, Coschen in Brandenburg peaked at 38.6C - a original German story for June.

Even in the high-altitude Alps, temperatures topped 30C in areas. Arrangement of Austria recorded their native all-time flawless temperatures on Wednesday.

Whereas the United Kingdom will keep a ways from the worst of the warmth, aspects of the nation - including London - are anticipated to peek temperatures high 30C on Saturday.

Linking a single match to world warming is advanced.

While excessive climate events luxuriate in heatwaves happen naturally, experts direct these will happen more basically due to native climate trade.

Files going support to the leisurely 19th Century philosophize that the frequent temperature of the Earth's floor has increased by about one level since industrialisation. Scientists are concerned that rapid warming linked to human use of fossil fuel has serious implications for the stability of the planet's climate.