Facebook will pay to track phone usage pattern in India, US


Following these revelations, a trio of U.S. Senators demanded that Facebook explain exactly what it was thinking in releasing such an app, pillorying the social media giant for specifically targeting teens and its deeply invasive data collection.

The scheme will be given to people above the age of 18, and the participants will have the option to opt out anytime they want to.

Facebook has not yet commented how much they will pay users for sharing information.

The move also comes at a time when there are global concerns around data privacy and how some of the world's top internet companies had been illegally harvesting user information without taking subscribers' consent. The rest of the data reportedly came from users in India.

Together with the data Facebook collects about the way participants use their phones, that gives it a pretty intimate, 360-degree view of you as a consumer.

The company claims it will not collect information like usernames and password or specific content like photos or messages, adding that user info won't be used to generate targeted ads (more on that in a minute).

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However, Facebook said that it would not try to access confidential information. "At a time when the company is under investigation for its data practices and anticompetitive actions, the Facebook Study app is at best tone-deaf and ill-considered".

The controversy hasn't stopped Facebook from continuing to pursue mobile users data through broad market program, however. The first step of that is the Study from Facebook app, which you may start seeing pitched as an advert when you next browse the site.

Using those privileges, Apple was able to both design and provide apps directly to users, which is considered a violation of Apple's policies.

In order to help the company understand and build better products for people, they have chose to shift their focus to reward-based market research programs.

The company did not reveal how much it will pay to the participants to share their information. It has also disclosed that it has partnered up with Applause to manage the logistic of the new program.They would be managing the registeration process, all compensation to participants and customer support.