Facebook Now Wants To Pay You For Your Data


Once the app is installed, Facebook will have access to a host of information about the user.

Around that time, Facebook also shut down Onavo, a separate app it offered that routed a user's web activity through a virtual private network to make it more secure, but also gave Facebook valuable insights into internet activity and behavior. Study will take note of all the apps a user has on his phone, regardless if they're being used or not. Sound good to you? "We believe this work is important to help us improve our products for the people who use Facebook", Facebook's Sagee Ben-Zedeff said in a blog post on the new app.

According to the company, Study will collect information that includes the user's apps and individual activity names of their features, the time spent using them, as well as the user's country location, device type, and network name.

Based on its first-quarter earnings report, Facebook already makes an average revenue per user of about $43 in the US and Canada and more than $9 per user worldwide. Each person that clicks the ad can register and if they "qualify" (the criteria isn't really clear), they will be given a link to download the app in the Google Play Store.

The new app also comes after Apple criticised Facebook earlier this year for launching an app named the Facebook Research App on its App Store - as well as on Android - which paid users as young as 13 for their app data.

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Facebook may have once been the top downloaded app on mobile phones but with new players like TikTok entering the market, the social networking seems to want to hedge its bets. The social media platform also said it won't collect user IDs, passwords or other shareable content like messages.

The company isn't new to this kind of research, and uses it to monitor competitors, learn about emerging trends and even identify popular startups as potential acquisition targets.

During the setup process, the app will again show you all the data it collects and how it will be used.

You can find out more about the program over on the Study from Facebook page, although you won't find any information about the sort of level of compensation you might expect to receive. With its previous research app, Facebook paid users $20 monthly in gift cards.

The app, which is now only available on Android, will collect data such as the applications installed on your phone, your usage of these apps, the phone you're using and the type of network you're connected to.