Death Comes Again as Russian Doll Gets a Season 2


Following the same format as season 1, Russian Doll will return with eight episodes.

The first season of the showRussian Doll stunned fans and received rave reviews, with the weird comedy scoring 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is usually a solid gold stamp of approval. From Nadia finding Alan (Charlie Barnett) stuck in the same death loop that she is to learning about Nadia's mother (Chloë Sevigny) and her childhood trauma, the show is filled with interesting characters, twists, and more to keep us engaged.

After the critically acclaimed first season, Netflix has ordered a second instalment to Russian Doll.

Despite having a pretty much flawless ending to the first season, it was announced on Tuesday evening that a second season is incoming, and we here in JOE think that the show is one of the very best things that Netflix has ever done, so we're very happy to hear this news. I know you probably have things to do in your life, but also that is a mistake you've very clearly made and you need to fix it.

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Russian Doll season 2 has a lot to live up to, but honestly?

Lyonne co-created the series alongside Amy Poehler and director Leslye Headland, and despite the ending of season one wrapping up the story threads pretty perfectly, it was initially pitched as a three-season show. "At the same time, the question became - how do we cloak it in something?"

"Want to do a Season 2, Natasha?"

Sophie Gilbert for The Atlantic, said: "As the series proceeds, it gets more ambitious and more complicated in a way that's gratifying to watch. It's not a one-woman show, so what would be the most fun way to tell you this story?" "Here are the resources and the support - take off'".