Bethesda's Orion cloud-gaming tech can optimize any game


With an increasingly streaming focused future on the horizon, solutions like this will be instrumental to smoothing the path between players and that technology.

So how does it work?

The big picture: Bethesda's new game streaming optimization technology could make services like Google Stadia more accessible by lowering the amount of bandwidth needed to play. Orion isn't a streaming service itself, but it is software to help further improve existing streaming services. And you'll be able to stream all of your games at max settings should everything work as intended. The company claims that Orion can achieve a 20% latency reduction per frame and a 40% reduction in bandwidth.

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To really show off what Orion can do, Doom (the original, not Doom Eternal) was streamed live on stage on a mobile, and as reported, it seemed to work pretty well. Streaming to a mobile phone clamped to a controller mount, it looked pretty damn smooth - although without a direct feed to examine in more detail it's hard to say exactly what was going on with regards to quality.

The release date of the public trials (see below) hasn't been announced.

LOS ANGELES-Bethesda Softworks announced Sunday that it is getting involved in the increasingly competitive field of cloud gaming. Players can try Orion by signing up for Doom's official fan club, Slayers Club - and maybe win a chance to take part in Orion's upcoming beta tech test.