Warren Buffett and Apple Team-up For New Game


Berkshire Hathaway held its annual meeting this past weekend, with over 16,000 investors visiting Omaha to catch a glimpse of the famed investor. Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard is similar to the classic Paperboy game. However, I look to see what modifications they made."Again in 2017, Weschler and Combs informed Yahoo Finance's Serwer that they spend most of their days studying, which is crucial for professionals within the enterprise of shopping for firms". In 2008 iPod game, Texas Hold'em was created into iPhone compatible version.

It seems like Apple's latest iPhone game is a result of that partnership.

In Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard, players take on the role of a paper-delivery person who must work hard to deliver papers to the doorsteps of various buildings. The theme and launching of this game have a reason behind it.

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Warren Buffett said on Monday that a trade war between the United States and China would be "bad for the whole world". This comes at a time when Apple is witnessing a decline in hardware sales and is looking forward to chalking out a new path by diverting its attention towards subscription-based services.

The company seems to have partnered with Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway for this as he is starring in the game itself. Now when coming to the theme of this game, the name of the game represents Warren Buffet's struggle during his childhood when he used to sell newspapers to survive his life.

If you're interested in trying out the new game and seeing what it has to offer, then you can head over to the iOS App Store and download it for free.