United States plans to build the world's fastest supercomputer


"Frontier will accelerate innovation in AI by giving American researchers world-class data and computing resources to ensure the next great inventions are made in the United States", Perry said.

Since 2005, ORNL has deployed Jaguar, Titan, and Summit, each the world's fastest computer in its time. Researchers in DOE's Exascale Computing Project now developing applications on Summit will seamlessly transition their work to Frontier in 2021. When it's built, Frontier's system is expected to have the following components: over 100 Cray Shasta cabinets, "A.I. -optimized" AMD EPYC processors, and Radeon Instinct GPU accelerators. Frontier is already being touted by the DOE as being "record-setting" and "the world's most powerful computer", and it hasn't even been built yet.

"Summit is allowing us to do work that was science fiction a year ago, and we expect to see similar leaps with the extreme speed of Frontier, which will make new science possible that we can't do today", Dan Jacobson, chief scientist for computational systems biology at ORNL, explained. Both supercomputers have completion dates set for 2021, but Aurora will only have a processing power of at least one exaflop.

The supercomputer will be capable of delivering a performance of more than 1.5 exaFLOPS which will exceed a quintillion floating point computations per second. According to AMD, the researchers at ORNL will use the Frontier system's computing power and support for artificial intelligence techniques to simulate, model and improve understanding of the interactions underlying the science of weather, sub-atomic structures, genomics, physics, and other scientific fields.

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Aurora is a separate $500 million exascale supercomputer project funded by the the DoE.

The US DoE Frontier supercomputer is the fastest planned supercomputer right now and will be built around custom EPYC CPUs and Radeon Instinct graphics processors. Beyond hardware, AMD will provide an enhanced version of ROCm, its open-source programming platform for CPUs and GPUs.

The Frontier is to be installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee State where Summit is now installed.