Uber adds 'quiet mode' in luxury service upgrade


Users can select from "quiet preferred", "happy to chat", or "no preference" allowing them to nap, avoid small talk and reply to emails, guilt-free.

When Uber first launched they had only one vehicle type, a black luxury auto. Those rides where you just want peace and quiet to reflect and your driver bombards you with endless questions or even worse, they unload on you about something leaving you unsure how to respond.

One other feature is the bags option that lets the rider signal to the driver that they have luggage, so that the driver can pull over in an area where they can load the bags. All of these new options became available to riders today across 100 percent of the US Uber Black and Uber Black SUV.

Along with this feature, the app has also added "Premium support" so passengers can chat with live agents on the phone.

Users of the company's premium services can now also request extra time before getting into the auto without paying late pickup fees, as well as being able to talk directly to customer service if something goes wrong during the ride. The desire for silence might convince more riders to pay for Uber's more expensive vehicle types so they can work, nap, take a call, or just relax in the auto.

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Additionally, Uber Black drivers are required to wait at least 15 minutes before deciding to cancel on you, though you'll start to be charged and they'll be compensated after 5 minutes. No matter how convenient and tech savvy Uber is, at the end of the day, I am still a woman, alone in a stranger's vehicle when I opt into using this service. Our digital services are increasingly able to shut us off from people in the real world - often at our behest - and seeing Uber workers as extensions of an app to be turned on and off. isn't exactly humanizing. You can not use this option with Uber X or pool rides, but hopefully that changes soon. Some drivers may give riders a lower score if they aren't polite or don't talk enough.

The giant ride-hailing company has not yet made a profit, despite its multibillion-dollar valuation.

The company is planning to launch a new tool for universities to provide service for students at odd hours when other options are limited.

As part of its new campus safety initiative, Uber is rolling out dedicated pickup zones on college campuses.