The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Still Be Released In Multiple Parts


This naturally drummed up a ton of excitement but immediately after, Square Enix went quiet on the project.

Square Enix has just released a new teaser trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It's the company's biggest hit ever, one which literally changed the video game world by going all-in on cinematic drama and finally popularizing/legitimizing the Japanese-style role-playing game genre outside Japan. There's still a smooth and stylized look to the character designs, which might tap into the way long-time Final Fantasy VII fans envision the characters in their rose-tinted, nostalgia-treated memories. It tells the story of a mercenary named Cloud Strife and his battle against a corrupt megacorporation called Shinra. Further details about the new game are being kept under wraps but more information will be revealed this year at E3 in June.

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Today's trailer all seems to pull from the first hours of the game, focusing on Cloud and Barret's attack on a Mako reactor in Midgar. We get to see some combat as well as some cutscene clips. Over time, the game has had its development troubles and has had to switch studios along the way.

More information on how it will be spread out and the contents of each release will be provided at a later date.