Samsung says no anticipated shipping date yet for Galaxy Fold


Samsung has handled the situation as best as possible.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment. Samsung delayed the phone's release as it investigated the matter, and recently warned USA buyers who pre-ordered the Fold that their orders might be canceled if the phone doesn't ship by the end of May.

Naturally, in order to investigate, Samsung needs to get said units.

Samsung hasn't announced anything regarding extended major Android OS support for the Galaxy Fold as yet. The CEO shared with The Korea Herald that they are reviewing the problem. The South Korean tech giant has claimed that it will mass produce at least 1 million Galaxy Fold smartphones this year in comparison to the 300 million odd handsets it produces yearly on an average. To abate this, Google announced a much affordable Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL yesterday at the Google I/O keynote and the duo offers the same Pixel photography experience at a much lower price.

One is the small gap that's left between the two panels when the phone is closed.

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The other is the area between the hinge and the display, which also appears to be a lucrative spot for unwanted debris to sneak into. Within just a few day's use many reviewers reported that the main screen started to crack and some even broke. Until now we have seen only Samsung introduce its Galaxy Fold but that was also delayed given some issues with the screen.

Later this year, Samsung said it expects its prospects to improve as business conditions - particularly in the memory market - change.

Customers will have to notify Samsung if they wish to keep their pre-orders active.

Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display up front which opens up to a bigger 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED screen.