PS5 Loading Time Demo Reportedly Revealed


While we first got some details regarding Sony's next-generation console last month from Mark Cerny, it is still pretty much kept under wraps ahead of an official reveal that may happen later this year.

They have now shared a video demonstration of the promised load times with Spider-Man running on the PS4 Pro and PS5. What took the PS4 Pro hardware 8.10 seconds to load, the next-gen PlayStation hardware only took 0.83 seconds to do the same task. Once it changes to the new hardware though, it becomes a smooth fly-through with nearly zero buffering whatsoever.

Looking at the hardware in the PlayStation 5, Sony said the console will be powered by a new CPU and GPU. Nowhere in the announcement are Xbox or PlayStation named, but its wording implies Microsoft and Sony's partnership will specifically focus on consumer entertainment platforms like gaming.

Sony explained in a press release its thinking behind the next-gen PlayStation.

Back in March, PlayStation's lead console architect had spoken about the vast loading time improvements offered by the PlayStation 4's successor.

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Sony's new strategic partnership with Microsoft caught the games industry off guard last week, but according to a report from Bloomberg today, nobody was more surprised than Sony's own employees.

Not only are the loading times super fast - less than a second for Marvel's Spider-Man - but the rendering speeds are also lightning quick.

A slide from the Sony Interactive Entertainment presentation providing details of the PS5 from IR 2019.

'We will leverage backwards compatibility to transition our community to next-gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before'.

Ryan added that the PS5 will come with the "power of new technology to deliver completely transformative and engaging game experiences", one of the console's main mottos. It was also nominated for multiple awards, and walked home with many - including multiple Game of the Year awards.