‘Pokémon Rumble Rush‘ For iOS, Android: Release Date, Gameplay And Features


The game is a mobile version of the Pokemon Rumble Series, which saw games for the 3DS and the Wii U. The series is basically Pokemon's version of a beat em up style game, where players fight with their Pokemon to gain in game currency and get new and more powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Rumble Rush is the next Pokemon game coming to your smartphone, and it looks like you'll be able to start playing it soon.

Though official details about its Western launch have yet to be revealed, it's already available on the Australian Google Play store. Users can collect and upgrade Pokemon as they progress in the game.

Created to be played with one hand, this game has players taking on wild Pokemon while exploring uncharted islands that change on a daily basis. It isn't entirely clear how Pokemon Rumble Rush will take advantage of mobile devices, other than the fact that there will be "easy-to-use controls and attacks that are pulled off with simple taps".

For now, Pokemon Rumble Rush is only available in Australia, but The Pokemon Company says that it'll be coming to other regions soon.

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The initial story of Pokemon Rumble RushPokemon Rumble Rush Mobile Game promises to be interesting. Pokemon earn two different types of gears as they explore each island.

Make sure to stay up to date on when this game comes to other platforms and other areas of the world, and be sure to check it out when it does.

You can use your caught Pokemon for battles, also different Pokemon have different combat powers.

Rewards can be won by winning each Super Boss Rush. As a financial journalist Jackson has published stories for CBC Business Online, as well as Buzz Feed and Motherboard.