Passenger jet in Myanmar lands on rear wheels after landing gear fails


Passengers on a Myanmar National Airlines flight have a brilliant flight crew to thank for miraculously landing safely after the plane's front landing gear failed to deploy.

On December 20, 2008, a Contiental Airlines Boeing 737 was attempting to take off from Denver International Airport.

Flight UB103 touched down at Mandalay International Airport at 9:09 a.m. local time with all 82 passengers and seven crew members able to safely evacuate the plane after it scraped its nose down the runway and came to a flawless stop.

The plane touched down on its rear sets of wheels before the plane's nose tilted down scraping the runway and sending off a shower of sparks as it slowed to a stop.

The captain asked the air traffic control tower to check whether the landing gear failed to extend or not.

Media reports say, this was second instanced of malfunctioning of a flight that has happened within a week in Myanmar.

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The plane glided down to the runway on its back wheels. "There were no casualties".

Last week a Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane overran the runway landing at Myanmar's Yangon International Airport, injuring 17.

For its part, Embraer said in a statement that it was "offering its full cooperation to the aviation authorities in order to aid in the investigation". "Smoke came out a little when we landed. All passengers are okay".

Myanmar's monsoon season has caused problems for commercial and military flights in the past. The plane, a Brazilian Embraer 190 was carrying more than 100 people. Authorities blamed bad weather.

The domestic flight made a scheduled but emergency landing on its rear landing wheels only.