How to Watch James Holzhauer Return to 'Jeopardy!'


James Holzhauer won his 23rd game of Jeopardy! in a row on Monday after a two-week hiatus from the show.

But reports that if Holzhauer keeps winning at his current pace, he will break Jennings' prize-money record in just 33 games. Holzhauer appears to have done his research; he challenged Brady to eat a tomato if he loses Jeopardy! on Tuesday.

Also known as "Jeopardy James", Holzhauer won his 23 game in a row Monday, adding $89,229 to his record-breaking winnings. The professional sports gambler from Las Vegas surpassed $1 million in the shortest time ever last month and most notably, he broke the show's record for single-day cash winnings on April 9th's episode.

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He also holds each of the top 10 slots for the highest single-game winnings, not to mention that he's helped "Jeopardy!" rack up some records of its own. Judging by his average winnings per game, it might not be much longer before he gets there. Holzhauer has been met every night by a barrage of hot takes about his streak: "He's "broken the game.' He's "ruined the show.' He's 'unfair" to his competitors, or 'boring" to watch", Jennings wrote. He's hit on 53 out of the 66 available Daily Doubles so far, and he answered 49 of those correctly, according to the "Jeopardy!" website. He has a background as a professional sports bettor, so he has a higher tolerance for risk.

Finally, he's mastered the elusive "Jeopardy!" buzzer.