Google's changing how it gives out stars in the Play Store


Google's aggressive pricing structure for the new line is the clearest sign yet that it wants to be taken seriously in the hardware game, as it struggles to compete with Apple, Samsung, and Asian manufacturers who have grown in popularity in recent years, such as Huawei.

Google is overhauling the Android experience behind the wheel, building driving-friendly features directly into the talkative Google Assistant rather than relying on the standalone Android Auto smartphone app.

Google has announced that the number of apps has nearly doubled since their Android OS has been added to various smart TV and cable boxes worldwide such as Sony, Philips, Nvidia Shield, and others.

Android is the most popular mobile OS, though over the course of the last few years, Google has also invested in KaiOS.

It aims to free users from manually filling out forms on websites, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told several thousand conference attendees.

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Your Galaxy smartphone or tablet is likely to get Android Q if it came with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

The big change is that Google is taking away developers' ability to change when their app ratings reset. Starting at $399, the Pixel 3a could help the company reverse flagging sales of more premium phones. There's also a button on the navigation bar that gives you instant access to the Google Assistant, while the Home button now resides in the bottom left corner.

In a briefing ahead of the announcement, Google's VP of product management for Pixel, Brian Rakowski, said the phones are intended for people who would like to buy a Pixel, but are left behind by that phone's $800 (and up) price tag.

Nest had some news at I/O, announcing the launch of a new, large-format hub display called Nest Hub Max.

Google's new pricing strategy and expanding marketing efforts are expected to shore up its sales in the channel and therefore ramping up its market share.