Farmer amputates leg with knife to escape auger


Kaser has been farming corn, soybeans, and hogs all his life. He was filling grain into a silo and said he forgot the screen covering the auger was still missing.

Kurtis Kaser, 63, told CNN that after his foot got caught in the machine on a farm in Pender by himself, he knew he had to act fast. "It grabbed ahold of me", he told ABC News. Kaser said he was so used to his routine that he didn't think anything out of the ordinary would happen that day, but then he stepped out of his truck and accidentally into a grain hopper. He wasn't sure how long he'd stay conscious.

Then, the gruesome solution: "I had my pocket knife in my pocket.

It just sucked my leg in and I was trying to pull it out, but it kept pulling", Kaser recalls. Growing desperate by the seconds, the farmer said he was left with one option. He managed to retrieve his pocket knife, which he described as having a 3-to-4-inch blade.

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"When it first happened, I can remember telling myself, 'This ain't good". He hope to be able to with a prosthesis to walk again - appropriate conversations, he would run now with his Doctors.

He cut through torn flesh and tissue about eight inches below his knee.

Once free, Mr Kaser crawled hundreds of feet to the nearest phone and called his son, who picked him up and drove him into town.

After a week in the hospital and two weeks in rehab in a clinic, he had been on Friday dismissed. The married father of three grown children said he has been meeting with doctors to determine when he can get a prosthetic leg. "I try to hold my cool or figure out how to make the situation better at the time", he said. "When I was cutting it, the nerve endings, I could feel them just ping every time when I'd start sawing around that pipe, and all at once it went and let me go, so I got the heck out of there", Kaser said. "I paid the price of being in a hurry and not paying attention, basically".