Epic Mega Sale kicks off on Epic Games Store


It's worth noting that neither of these games are Epic Store exclusives, which could put them in an awkward spot on other stores.

Today Epic Games Store started their Epic Mega Sale, which will go from May 16 to June 13.

While that meant that the game was still available at a discount under the terms of the sale, it was still a significant step up from what it would have been had the price not changed. "Also, for every game purchase over $14.99, Epic Games is providing an additional $10 off to players at no cost to the publisher or developer". While the Steam Summer Sale isn't rumored to kick off until next month, your wallet can lighten itself a bit with the Epic Mega Sale, a massive sale on all the titles now available on the Epic Games Store.

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What if I bought a game just before the Epic Mega Sale? Speaking to Kotaku, a spokesperson for Epic Games said: "Paradox Interactive has chosen to not participate in the Epic Mega Sale and the game has been temporarily removed from sale. Any purchases made while the game was discounted during the Epic Mega Sale will be honored and no Masquerade violations will be assessed".

Paradox also provided Kotaku with a statement, saying "We are in discussion with Epic regarding the temporary removal of Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 from the Epic Game Store". Based on the language, it seems to apply to all pre-orders for discount-eligible games, not just those made in the past two weeks. We reached out to Paradox Interactive and will update the article as more information becomes available. "With the Epic Discount, you can get the game for $10 off that price right now, through to the end of the sale on June 13". Are you looking forward to the game? The game will return to the store soon! That was our mistake, and we sincerely apologize.

Epic launched its first great big store-wide sale yesterday in its attempt to lure over more users from Steam, but things haven't gone as well as anybody had hoped. You will receive your $10 refund automatically to the payment method you used in the next 7-12 days. After all, it took Valve ages to get Steam sales right, and even then, Steam still regularly goes down at the outset of big seasonal dealstravaganzas. Here are the top titles with chunky discounts that caught our eye. Still, those interested in picking up a new game can find some savings here.