Away: The Survival Series Turns You Into A Sugar Glider


There's no release date for Away: The Survival Series yet, but it'll be landing on both PlayStation 4 and PC when it does arrive. However, it then zooms in to show a family of sugar gliders, and how hectic life can really be. You'll play as a sugar glider trying to survive, with the game is framed around a nature documentary theme. From small insects to large mammals, the animals you see in the wild each lead a life of their own, interacting with each other independently of your adventures. The team talks about how they were inspired by nature documentaries, and even got Mike Raznick to compose their game.

Among these, we find Away: The Survival Series, a game developed by the independent studio Breaking Walls and presented to the public through a first ad trailer, which you can view directly at the beginning of this news. Breaking Walls consists of developers from Montreal and worked on series such as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Prince of Persia.

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Away: The Survival Series will obviously be released on PS4, but also on PC(Steam).

The world can be as attractive as it is risky for cute and fuzzy little animals, and Away: The Survival Series is going to show you just how true that is.