Audi culls TT coupe as electric shift hits combustion-era icon


At the 130th Annual General Meeting, the chairman of the board of management confirmed the inevitable.

We've reached out to Audi to learn when the current TT will end production, and whether the sporty electric auto that replaces it will revive the TT nameplate. Schot said that taking the place of the TT will be an electric vehicle.

First shown as a concept in 1995, and reaching production in 1998, the Audi TT helped establish the German brand as a design leader. "With an electric auto". Schot's timeline of "a few years" is vague; the current TT is five years old, but its predecessor lasted eight years before it came in for replacement. With the current model now in its sixth year in production, it may not be long before Audi pulls the plug on their smallest coupe.

However, Audi isn't completely abandoning the performance vehicle market just yet. By 2025, the automaker predicts, EVs should account for around 40-percenr of its worldwide sales. But in the 21 years since the TT's debut, sales of sporty cars have declined significantly, and Audi, like all VW Group brands, has to focus its resources on electric-car development. Volkswagen itself is forging ahead with its I.D. range of electric cars, and it could be from here that Audi finds a new platform for the TT.

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Before Audi drops the TT for good, they will be releasing one special edition called the Quantum Gray Edition which will be seeing soon. Instead, this is what Schot said: "Do we need a successor with a combustion engine?" The instantaneous torque from an electric motor means acceleration can often best that of ICE models, after all.

We saw just how that could be useful in the shape of the Audi PB18 concept, which put glass down in the footwell to give a ideal view of the road ahead.

We expect this EV to have a sleeker, more aerodynamic look, taking influence from the upcoming ID cars. Audi is likely to turn to increasingly potent DC fast charging options, like the 800v 350 kW system that Porsche is using, to deliver high-speed top-ups that could rival filling the fuel tank of a gas vehicle.