Apple will now tell you if an update slows down your iPhone


It has also been mentioned that Apple will be providing easy access to information on an iPhone's battery health and unexpected shutdown.

The CMA raised concerns with Apple previous year over its throttling practices and the lack of warnings being given to consumers.

Apple's 2019 iPhone XI.

Apple was fined by Italy's anti-trust watchdog in October a year ago for failing to give customers clear information about how to maintain or when to replace batteries, following complaints that the company used software updates to slow down their mobile phones.

This could help people improve the performance of their own handset after a planned software update by, for example, changing settings, adopting the low power mode or replacing the battery - rather than resorting to having their phone repaired or replaced.

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December 2017: Apple is forced to apologize after users discover it has been throttling phones as their batteries degrade.

These models likely stand for the successors to Apple's current iPhone models.

Apple is now going to let iPhone users know when an iOS update is going to slow down their devices. The company later apologised and lowered the price of battery replacements for affected models to $29 from $79 (roughly Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,500).

They also allege that the firm failed to tell consumers that if they upgraded to a new iOS version, Apple would automatically install a feature that impacts the phone's speed and performance.

Having been listed here we can say with even more certainty that there are upcoming iPhones, and that they'll launch before the end of the year - nearly certainly in September, given Apple's usual timings.