University student dies after falling 12m from campus bell tower


Sydney Monfries, 22, barely had a pulse when emergency workers discovered her on the second floor of the Keating Hall clock tower at Fordham University.

A United States university student has died after she fell more than 12 metres from a campus bell tower in the early hours of Sunday morning.

"There are no words sufficient to describe the loss of someone so young and full of promise - and mere weeks from graduation, Fordham will confer a bachelor's degree upon Sydney posthumously, which we will present to her parents at the appropriate time", he wrote. The 22-year-old and her friends reportedly climbed the tower's stairs in the Bronx, roughly 3 a.m. Sunday morning, and was later rushed to the hospital after getting critically injured.

The father was seen sobbing as he left the hospital with one of the priests a short time later. Some students said the incident happened during a senior student tradition.

A waiter at the restaurant where they had dinner beforehand told The New York Post that he did not know if they had been drinking.

Friends previously said she was eager to get a good picture of the city skyline to post on her Instagram page.

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School officials said Keating Hall and the door to its clock tower are always locked and only accessible by authorized staff members, and this was the first time anyone had fallen from the structure. It was reported that Sydney may have been participating in a "rite of passage" ceremony or event.

Freshman Grayson Brown, 19, told the Post his mother sent him a text Sunday that said "stay out of the bell tower!"

The journalism student and her friends had just had dinner at a barbecue restaurant and chose to climb the tower as a "rite of passage" before graduating next month, according to staff there.

He said Ms Monfries and her friends left the establishment an hour or two before it closed at 4am. That's part of the allure for some students, The Observer reported. "And they were like trying to get good views of the city", student Antonia Greene said. "I, personally, never heard about that. If it is, it's kind of stupid", junior Linda Yenicag added to the CBS affiliate.

Shortly before she died, Sydney uploaded a video to Snapchat from inside the bell tower. It had the caption, "Bell tower".