United Kingdom climate protesters seek to block London Underground


London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted a statement responding to the protest, saying that while he agrees with the environmentalist cause and believes in the right to peacefully protest, he finds the methods employed by Extinction Rebellion unsafe and contrary to the cause of environmentalism since people taking public transport instead of cars would drastically reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.

The protestors have gathered at one of the airport's access points and have been surrounded by police.

Also on Wednesday, three protesters with Extinction Rebellion were arrested after they glued themselves to a train in London's Canary Wharf station.

In London's east, a man and a woman stood on the roof of a train and held a banner that said: "Climate Emergency".

Activists also targeted the Shell Centre, home to the United Kingdom offices of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, with graffiti and smashed one of its windows. The same group was responsible for a naked protest in British Parliament earlier this month in which they demanded that the British government commit to cutting national carbon emissions to zero over the course of the next six years.

Mass arrests for obstructing the highway and breaching the Section 14 order that prohibits protests apart from at Marble Arch do not appear to have deterred protesters and ten people have been charged with those offences.

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Both people were charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment, police said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement that while he's sympathetic to the environmental movement, the effort to disrupt public transportation is counter-productive.

Teenage protesters staged an emotional protest at political inaction on climate change near London's Heathrow Airport on Friday, a further day of actions that have caused transport snarl-ups in the British capital.

'The West End is resilient and we know people will still come out over the Easter period to enjoy the shopping and culture, but we want their experience here to be a positive one, ' he added.

"Many of us are willing to sacrifice our liberty for the cause".