Trump's 55 percent approval claim is extremely wrong


What's more, 48 percent of voters in the survey said they had a "strongly" unfavorable opinion of Trump, while just 27 percent said they had a "strongly" favorable opinion of him.

A recent national bipartisan poll has found that a majority of voters approve of the way President Donald Trump is handling the economy and jobs. Trump's correct overall approval rating from the poll was just 43 percent and his favorable was 41 percent. The president's overall unfavorable rating amongst likely voters was 55 percent, but Fox reported his approval rating as 55 percent.

Fox Business issued an on-air correction Thursday morning, saying its graphic was "not entirely accurate".

After Trump's tweet, the network offered multiple on-air corrections, including one from Dobbs, who said he wanted "to fix something I got wrong".

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Real Clear Politics, which takes an average of a number of polls, shows the president with a 43.2 approval rating and 52.7 disapproval rating.

Early Thursday, the president shared a screenshot of a Fox Business show's graphic that showed his approval rating at 55 percent and his approval rating for handling the economy at 58 percent.

Trump often retweets the praise he receives from Dobbs and other Fox News hosts, and he made sure to amplify the graphics used in Wednesday's segment accompanying a screen shot with the message "Great News!"

While it seems that his polling numbers look abysmal and he's having a tough time moving north of 50% approval ratings, it's worth noting that Trump rarely outpaced Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election polls, so there might be some sense in not reading too much into his current polling. The Labor Department also said the number of people seeking unemployment benefits fell to a 49-year low.