Sony is finally letting you change your PSN ID from today


Starting today in America and tomorrow in Europe, PSN users can visit Sony's site to change their names at last.

How many times can you change your PSN Online ID?

It's a free service and there is no limit to the number of times you can revert.

The full supported games list can be found here.

If you are a PlayStation 4 user and wish to change your PSN Online ID, you will be able to do just that today in North America. Sony notes that games published after April 1, 2018, were done so using "tools that support online ID change at a system level", meaning that the functionality to support ID changes has taken nearly five years to implement for the current console generation. However, subsequent changes will cost players $9.99, so everyone interested in making a change is encouraged to be 100% sure of their PSN ID. PlayStation states that during tested "a large majority of the most-played PS4 games" did support the PSN User ID change.

In line with Sony's announcement of how the feature will work six months ago, the first PSN ID name change is free. In other words, no one else will be able to use that particular online ID even if you change your handle.

You can either change your online ID on your PS4 or through your web browser, so you won't be able to do it on a PS3 or the discontinued PS Vita.

From your PS4 go to [Settings].

PSN ID name changes
PSN ID changes are finally live for everyone on PS4, here's how to do it

If you find that issues occur after changing to a new ID, you can revert back to your old ID at no cost.

Effectively, you get a brand new profile in the game, while your old profile is locked.

There are also a number of games that are known to have "critical issues" with the online ID change feature, including LittleBigPlanet 3 and Just Dance 2017.

Q: Do all games support online ID change?

Sony says that you also "may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency". Reverting back should resolve most issues.

If you experience any issues while playing a game that is not on the list of tested games, we recommend that you revert back to your previous online ID that did not have those issues.

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