Monster Hunter World, Prey Headed To Xbox Game Pass In Blockbuster April


Here are the games coming to XBox Game Pass in April 2019, from golf simulators to zombie thrillers, and space-faring mysteries to teenage coming-of-age tales. And among them, there are loud hits.

Start ing on April 11, Prey and The Golf Club 2 will be coming to the library.

During the course of April, all subscribers will be able to play some of the best games released during this console generation such as Prey, Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 5.

Finally, on April 24, Life is Strange: Episode 2 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass collection, as will Resident Evil 5 on April 25.

This year, Microsoft has already replenished its vault with several very loud and new games, including Minecraft, Fallout 4 and Just Cause 4, as well as some indie games.

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Six games have been announced for Xbox Game Pass in April, including Monster Hunter: World. This month's highlights include Monster Hunter World and Life is odd 2. Monster Hunter: World and Prey are on their way - the former about preying on magnificent beasts, the latter with the preying connection splayed right there in the title.

With Life is unusual 2, developer Dontnod continues its emotional brand of storytelling. Considering the pass does not include online play this would be an ideal match.

So, yeah, one can say that the worth of the Xbox Game Pass is really worth the money.

In our review of Monster Hunter: World, we said, "bold and newly attractive, Monster Hunter: World demands to be played on its own terms and rewards you with an incredible RPG". Oh, and, at the time of writing, they're offering the first month for just one buck. That means you could earn Achievements, access your Xbox Live friends list, and other functionality tied to Xbox Live.