MI measles outbreak eclipses 40 cases in less than a month


Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) has been notified of three new measles cases, taking the number of confirmed cases in Auckland for this year to 15.

In Brooklyn's Williamsburg community alone, 41 new cases were reported in the past week, according to the city's health department.

People in Bay of Plenty are being urged to make sure they are vaccinated against measles after one case was confirmed Mount Maunganui.

Authorities are trying to determine possible exposure sites for the more recent cases.

"With these measles outbreaks, we have a ideal storm of an incredibly contagious disease, pockets of unvaccinated people living in close proximity, and growing distrust of vaccines and public health initiatives in those communities", Dr. Melissa Stockwell, with Columbia University Medical Center, told Newsweek.

"The measles vaccine is highly effective and very safe".

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By law students are required to get two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (or MMR) vaccine. This is the second-greatest number of cases reported in the US since measles was eliminated in 2000.

In light of a measles outbreak across the country Aurora Children's Health announced they will send letters to parents whose kids are not immunized for the measles.

"MDHHS follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and does not recommend routine measles vaccinations for children less than 12 months of age unless there is a suspected measles exposure; there is thought to be an imminent measles exposure such as being in areas of known measles; or global travel planned".

People with measles can spread it to others even before they start feeling sick, so often don't know that they might be exposing others.

If you have never had a dose of MMR vaccine now is the time to get one. The virus can live for up to two hours in an airspace where the infected person coughed or sneezed. MI is among 19 states dealing with a measles outbreak.

People who were in these locations and are susceptible to the measles virus are at-risk of developing the illness.