London climate change protest


Environmental consultant Dr Andrew Boswell, former Norfolk county councillor, joined activists at Marble Arch and said any inconvenience people experienced as a result of the two week protest was insignificant in comparison to the "catastrophic impact" of climate change.

Environmental protesters have mobilized to take over five of London's most iconic locations, bringing streets to a standstill, with the aim of forcing the United Kingdom government to take serious action on the "global climate emergency".

As well as bringing traffic to a standstill at Marble Arch, Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, protestors armed with banners "swarmed" rush hour traffic to prevent vehicles moving for seven minute intervals.

Other stunts perpetrated by the demonstrators on Monday included gluing themselves to the revolving front door of the Shell Centre building as well as smearing black paint on the building. They also smashed windows at the... So far the police appear to be tolerating it, but the organisers say this is far from a one-day event.

A protester for Extinction Rebellion has defended the impending Climate Change protests which are set to cause extreme travel disruption in London over the coming days. In the letter, they warn they would escalate their disruptive actions over the coming days and weeks unless the government acts.

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'No arrests have been made in connection with the protest'.

The campaign group said that "over 100 fearless rebels" had been arrested, some willingly.

Police have advised Londoners to leave extra time for their journeys because of possible delays caused by the protest.

The protests were initially thought to be peaceful, blocking five central London locations as they demand the Government declare a climate emergency.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion said: "Ordinary citizens, terrified by the threat we all face to our future, will risk arrest and imprisonment by blocking bridges, roads, harbours and transport systems". "We're just going to get bigger and more annoying until the government speaks to us".