Largest Python Found in Everglades Packed a Secret


She is the largest python they have ever removed from Big Cypress National Preserve.

USA Today reported that Radio transmitters are used by scientists at the national preserve to track male pythons and then the locations of the males used to find breeding females.

"All of the python work at Big Cypress is focused on controlling this invasive species, which poses significant threats to native wildlife", the researchers wrote in the post.

Snake hunters have captured what they say is the largest python ever found in the swamps of the Florida Everglades: a pregnant female more than 17ft (5.2m) long and weighing 140lb, or 63.5kg. While studies have shown populations of raccoons have dropped by 99.3 per cent, opossums by 98.9 per cent and bobcats by 87.5 per cent in the areas of the Everglades where pythons have been established longest.

They also said the record-breaking python was snared after its position was given away by a boyfriend - a so-called Judas snake.

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In recent decades, the big snakes have become a menace in Florida. Pythons typically come from Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

In addition to removing pythons from Big Cypress, researchers learn how the snakes use the area.

The inaugural Python Challenge was organised in 2013 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and some 1,600 people had registered for this.

"The Resource Management staff would like to thank all of the Preserve divisions that have supported the python program", Big Cypress National Preserve said in the Facebook post.