IPhone users targeted by new spyware threat


Snapchat has long been known to be problematic on Android, while the iOS version of the app has always enjoyed better functionality. An earlier version of the spyware app was discovered on Android previous year.

On the heels of the raft of new features announced during the Snap Partner Summit 2019 the other day, Snapchat has announced on Twitter that the "new, faster" app is ready to go, complete with an adorable little GIF.

The company had been working on this new version for Android users since the beginning of 2018. And so, to fix this error the decision was made to rebuild the app from the ground level.

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Fortunately, since the significant rework is done, future updates for Snapchat on Android should be simpler and faster going ahead, with new highlights coming at a similar pace as the organization's iOS counterpart.

"[Android devices] don't all behave the exact same way, right?"

The rebuilt Snapchat app is also focused all the Android Devices in the market irrespective of the high-end or low-end devices since the majority of the smartphones globally run on Android. "It's more challenging when you have to capture the whole ecosystem, especially when the camera works very differently from manufacturer to manufacturer", said Snapchat's SVP of engineering, Jerry Hunter. Before that, TechCrunch reported that Facebook was distributing an app to teenagers that would extract their data in exchange for $20 gift cards. Several Android users have still found the app to be too buggy or slow irrespective of the timely rollout. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you.