Huawei Wants to Sell Apple its 5G Modems


5G is the latest buzzword. This hints towards an imminent delay for Apple to launch its 5G enabled iPhones.

In this scenario, Apple risks being left behind.

However, the relationship between Apple and Intel may be strained a bit, and that could push Apple's plans a bit. Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and ZTE have already announced 5G ready smartphones that will go on sale during the second quarter of this year. That represented a pretty good effort, in principle, from Huawei but at present we have no way of knowing how it compares to market-leader Qualcomm in terms of real world performance.

The organization is "open" to pitching its 5G modem to Apple, as per Engadget, giving the iPhone 2020 access to faster 5G speeds - if Apple can't fix things up with Qualcomm.

This means that if indeed Apple chooses to source Balong 5G modems from Chinese manufacturer Huawei, it could potentially use it in its upcoming iPhones but there's a catch.

Apple has boxed itself into a corner over 5G and it's possible that smartphone rival Huawei could provide an unlikely escape route.

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Apart from the technical and political considerations, Apple might also have its slowing sales growth to think about.

On top of which, we don't even know for sure that Intel is supplying the 5G modem for the iPhone, let alone that it's the only company that will be doing so. If only to help Apple to ship out a 5G-capable iPhone within the next couple of years. UK's major networks are all on course to announce 5G services some time later this year. This is the first phone of the company with 5G capabilities, thanks to the Balong 5000 platform.

In such a scenario, it will be interesting to see if Apple ignores Huawei's reported transgressions in the past and partners with the company for a 5G iPhone. Just ask Samsung, which supplies Apple's displays.

The US Government has not managed to get other countries to follow its hard line.

It seems as if Huawei is willing to make an exception for Apple. Almost all of us know that Apple is reportedly planning to launch a 5G iPhone in 2020, and even that plan does not appear to be going according to the company's wishes.