Hate Messenger? Facebook Might Put Messages Back Into The Main App


According to code in the back-end of the Facebook app, The Social Network may soon look to bring messaging back into the main platform, as opposed to redirecting users to its separate Messenger app.

Now it is being reported that Facebook wants to bring back Messenger Chats back to the main app, which is not a odd move at all.

"We are testing ways to improve the messaging experience for people within the Facebook app", a Facebook spokesperson said per The Verge.

Remember when a few years ago, Facebook forced us all to download the standalone Messenger app to chat with friends?

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App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, was the first to spot the Facebook activity, in his follow up tweet, he noted this Chats section only comprises a limited features of Messenger.

In the beginning of this year reports claimed that Facebook is planning to merge its messaging services, essentially allowing users to communicate seamlessly between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Then, in 2014, it removed messaging functionality from the main Facebook app, prompting people looking to chat it up to install Messenger and use that instead. Before that time, if users went into the main Facebook app and clicked on the messages icon, they were sent to a "Chats" section, which is similar to what Wong found to be happening now. Even more, they want now to put all of its chat apps under one app. Facebook reportedly expects to integrate these services by 2020.

He added that "tens of millions" of Android users who use Messenger as their default app would benefit from having end-to-end encryption enabled as a default. The reactions feature will also be not supported by the Core app. This feature will let the Facebook mobile users make easy chats and share things within the app.