Gender pay gap in largest charities decreases by 7 per cent


Rizvi says that although the wage gap still sits at 30 percent in Ontario, the raising of minimum wage, did help the cause for equal pay.

The gender pay gap still sits at 30 percent in Ontario and today around 100 UNIFOR members along with the Equal Pay Coalition set their sights on Huron Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson, to protest the uneven pay ratio for women in front of her Kincardine office.

Almost half of all major British companies have failed to reduce their gender pay gap over the previous year, data released on Friday showed, despite rising government pressure and public scrutiny.

A spokesperson said: "During 2018, we commissioned an external independent adviser to look at our gender pay gap".

"The harm to Ontario's economy from the gender pay gap is profound" says Jan Borowy, co-chair of the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition, "based on the government's own report by Deloitte says that the Ontario government would increase revenues by $2.6 million per year if the gap was closed".

Managing director at Golin, Bibi Hilton, said: "Reporting the gender pay gap is part of Golin's ambition to create the most progressive and diverse workplace in the industry and be the defining agency of the decade".

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Britain's women's minister said there was a need for a "cultural change" after publication of the data under a new government requirement for companies and charities with more than 250 employees to report their gender pay gap every year. The resulting findings showed that any gender pay disparity at Guide Dogs does not appear to be due to a lack of female representation at senior levels. "Our independent adviser noted that we have much to be proud of as an inclusive employer, but we want to do more to address the gender pay gap issue". Causes of the gap have been explored for decades, but more and more studies conclude that women have more unpaid responsibilities than men, so men are spending more of their time getting paid for their efforts than women do. On average Ontario women face a 29.3% pay gap.

In April 2018 a study was carried out which assessed companies across the United Kingdom that had over 250 members of staff.

"Actions to tackle the gender pay gap are good for business".

The mean and median gap in hourly pay of part-time male and female employees. Women's mean bonus pay is also 65% lower than men's (12% median).

Builders merchanting is better than most other sectors in paying men and women equally, research has found.