France says 'Non!' to Brextension deal


Many within the Conservative Party are increasingly anxious that any delay obliging Britain to again take part in elections for the European parliament on May 23-26 would be deeply divisive.

The elections pose a substantial stumbling block because Britain would be expected to take part, if it is still an EU member, so its people have representation in the European Parliament. Parliament has rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's proposal - three times.

Downing Street has insisted it is prepared to pursue alterations to its Brexit deal and is ready to hold further talks with Labour this weekend. "We are engaged in these talks in good faith but the government perhaps has to show a little more flexibility than it seems to have done so far".

He tweeted that "if a long extension leaves us stuck in the European Union, we should be as hard as possible".

The EP's Committee on Civil Liberties proposed Wednesday that after Brexit, British citizens would be able to enter European Union countries visa-free for short periods, "provided European Union nationals enjoy the same conditions when travelling to the U.K." said a committee statement.

"I would go further and say it would be the suicide note of the Conservative party". - The two-day meeting takes place in the context of the Romaniaís mandate at the Presidency of the EU Council.

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The Prime Minister wrote to European Council president Donald Tusk on Friday requesting the delay to Brexit, which would otherwise happen at 11pm on April 12.

Mrs May wants to terminate any extension before the European polls if she is able to get a deal through Parliament, something she had been hoping Mr Corbyn's Labour MPs could help with. All 27 nations have to agree unanimously on an extension.

Mrs May says that if the Commons agrees a deal in time, the United Kingdom should be able to leave before European parliamentary elections are held on 23 May. She told the Today programme: "There's no question that the mess we are in is Theresa May's mess, even Tory MPs accept that".

Theresa May's hopes of a Brexit compromise with Jeremy Corbyn are on the brink of collapse, after Labour accused the Prime Minister of refusing to change her deal.

Britain's opposition Labour Party said on Friday that talks with the government on a last-ditch Brexit deal had made no progress, as European Union leaders said Prime Minister Theresa May had not convinced them that they should let Britain delay its departure next week.

If the talks don't work, May plans a series of votes in Parliament to see if a majority-backed plan can emerge. There is fierce opposition from Brexit backers in the Conservative Party to these options.