FNC's Wallace to Conway: Trump Claim of Total Exoneration: 'Just Isn't True'


Asked if he, like President Trump, wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Sanders noted his health care plan is profoundly different from what the White House and its Republican allies in Congress envision. But with no clear GOP replacement plan, Mulvaney provided few details on how he could make such a guarantee.

"Yes, and here's why", Mulvaney said Sunday. "Every single plan that this White House has ever put forward since Donald Trump was elected, covered pre-existing conditions".

Over 11 million reportedly signed up for Obamacare coverage this year.

"Mulvaney added that "'Obamacare' is not working", and that "even Democrats admit that". ABC News could not independently confirm Mulvaney's claim regarding last year's statistics; however, the provision of Affordable Care Act known as the "mandate", which imposed the penalties, was repealed by the Republican tax plan in 2017.

Conway stumbled in a back-and-forth with Wallace about a finding of obstruction of justice by special counsel Robert Mueller - at one point mischaracterizing Attorney General William Barr's summary as a "report". "Who knew health care could be so complicated?".

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His campaign promise came with candidates in the crowded Democratic presidential field jostling for the support of the party's left wing with calls for government to play a larger role in health care.

The failure to replace set the stage for John McCain's dramatic "thumbs down" moment that still has the president tweet storming the deceased senator.

166,128 people are enrolled in the Alabama exchange for 2019.

"The Association Health Plan rule opened healthcare options for dozens of associations representing thousands of small businesses and sole proprietors and provided them with access to the same type of care options offered by other employers", the spokesman continued.