Disc-Free Xbox One S Details Leaked


What appears to be a retailer listing shows the next version of Microsoft's console, dubbed the Xbox One S All Digital.

Previous leaks have indicated the new digital console will be called the 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, ' and will launch on May 7, 2019.

For the European market, the All Digital system will feature a 1TB hard drive and come with the games Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft pre-installed. WinFuture reports that so-called Xbox One S All Digital, which will support 4K Ultra HD and HDR and ship with a single wireless controller and a 1TB hard drive, will sell for around €230 (around £200); the Xbox One S is now available on Amazon for £179.

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A starter bundle for the normal Xbox One S typically retails for €299.99, though you can find discounts if you shop around. This so-called "Xbox One S All Digital" has leaked repeatedly in recent weeks, but the most detailed leak yet was shared by Roland Quandt of WinFuture over the weekend.

Again, we must stress that Microsoft has yet to officially announce the all-digital Xbox One S, but the leaks have remained pretty consistent with one another. You can also sign up for Xbox Game Pass for access to over 100 Xbox One titles.

Following Microsoft's successful rollout of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, it makes ideal sense for the company to release the much-rumored digital-only version of its console. Such a program would be necessary to maintain backward compatibility with many original Xbox and Xbox 360 discs players may have purchased before they were available as digital downloads.