Can you watch Game of Thrones Season 8 on Amazon Prime?


Being one of the most popular series in the world from one of the most successful premium networks (HBO) in the world, 8 in 10 people have watched (and would love to watch) Game of Thrones.

At the beginning of Game Of Thrones, we were all led to believe that the grim-faced, honourable lord of Winterfell and warden of the north Eddard Stark was to be the protagonist of the show.

Instead of using Amazon Prime to watch Game of Thrones, you could go directly to HBO, which has its own streaming service, HBO Go.

It will charge you 15$ a month by which you can easily watch HBO shows on HBO NOW app or website.

Eventually, Game of Thrones season 8 will come to Netflix DVD.

Everyone is looking to watch Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1. Likewise, you can watch/stream new episodes of the series on the Showmax as they air worldwide. You'll be able to rent the DVDs as much as you want, allowing you to watch the whole of Game of Thrones in one sitting once it's over.

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Several live-streaming TV services also let you watch Game of Thrones online for free via their own free trials.

The live-streaming service DirecTV Now includes HBO with its "Plus" package.

Make sure to stick with FanSided as we bring you everything Game of Thrones throughout the final season and beyond. Subscribers can also stream unlimited old Game of Thrones episodes with DirecTV Now.

In the US, Game of Thrones viewers can go to either HBO Go or HBO Now to stream season eight, episode one.

Stars from the HBO fantasy epic congregated in Belfast on Friday, to fete the show's eighth series, which will air from April 14. The most premium plan (Ultra bundle) on the PlayStation Vue platform costs $80/month and comes with HBO.