Bernie Sanders town hall delivers a ratings bonanza for Fox News


Sanders had faced mounting pressure to release his taxes, with critics saying the democratic socialist's millionaire status undercut his populist economic message. Of course, wealth often does influence someone's views, but it's not determinative - the most egalitarian president in American history, Franklin Roosevelt, was a scion of extreme wealth and privilege, far richer than Sanders will ever be.

During the 2016 presidential primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressured Sanders to release his tax returns.

Since then, he has written two campaign-oriented books: Our Revolution in November 2016 and Where We Go From Here in November 2018.

"Fair question", Sanders responded.

"This year, we had $560,000 in income", Sanders admitted. The couple gave US$36,300 to charity in 2017.

The backdrop for the town hall was an abandoned steel plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the heart of a 2020 battleground region. The campaign did not say how much was given in that case.

Immediately before the town hall event, Sanders released a decade's worth of his tax returns after years of resisting disclosure. "While millions of people are paying more in taxes than they anticipated, Amazon, Netflix and dozens of major corporations as a result of Trump's tax bill pay nothing in corporate taxes, and I think that's a disgrace", he added.

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In 2016, the first year Sanders and his wife's earnings topped $1 million, they paid the federal government $396,507 in income taxes. Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee have also released returns dating back to 2007. Sen. No, they are paying for access to potential future senators and presidents, and to create the reward pathway of banker-friendly politicos getting plausibly-deniable bribes if they govern the way bankers want. By their response, it's clear that a lot of them would do so enthusiastically.

The earliest return released yesterday, for 2009, was done by hand, which may indicate that the Sanders did the taxes themselves. All of the other returns have typed entries. "But when you bring it down per taxpayer, we are talking more than $20,000 increase in taxes", said the group's leader.

Without directly answering Baier's question, Sanders launched into a broadside against President Donald Trump.

Trump said during the 2016 campaign that he would release his returns after an audit was completed.

Sanders' personal wealth has come under heightened scrutiny in recent weeks. Sanders asked Fox News to cheers from the crowd.

Bernie and Jane Sanders claimed no expenses from Jane's business. He made no apologies for his financial well-being, telling the New York Times recently that "if you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too". Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would carry a hefty price tag for each individual taxpayer.

In 2018, his income dipped to $561,293, according to tax returns.