Adults question their immunity amid measles outbreak


The study estimates that in 2011, the total cost of outbreaks in the USA ranged from $2.7 million to $5.3 million.

Three percent of the measles cases developed pneumonia, while 9% were serious enough to require hospitalization, said CDC director Robert Redfield.

Children aren't the only individuals at risk if not fully immunized against the highly contagious disease.

For example, if a doctor or nurse were vaccinating multiple children in a row, they may have kept the vaccine out of the refrigerator too long, causing it to deteriorate. President Trump has previously appeared to link vaccines with autism and, earlier in his presidency, looked into setting up a vaccine safety committee. And just one does is only 93-percent effective in protecting a person from measles. Two such groups are people who work in the health care industry and people who travel internationally. It's the worst outbreak in 25 years.

Though there isn't a single reason for the recent resurgence of measles, health experts maintain that the anti-vaccination movement has proven to be a problem, and one that needs to be addressed as the spreading of misinformation and propaganda continues to impact vaccination rates. That includes the largest outbreaks, in Orthodox Jewish communities in and around New York City. While measles has a number of telling symptoms, many are common with other infections.

In a statement released this afternoon, the Northland District Health Board says there has been limited public exposure but anyone who was at Ngawha Springs Hot Pools on Easter Monday between 7 and 8pm is "encouraged to make contact with the Public Health Unit on 0800 600 720". Two doses are needed, spaced 28 days or more apart. Measles is not a harmless illness but one with deadly consequences that most people have not seen because it was eliminated in 2000. Besides, with now 22 states seeing measles cases, we should all be curious.

And with the disease once more in the spotlight, people have questions about who should be vaccinated aside from young children.

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If you're uncertain of your immunization status, it's safe, with a few exceptions, to go ahead and get an MMR shot now to minimize your chances of getting measles.

People born before 1957 don't need to worry about getting the MMR vaccine because they've likely already been infected by measles.

"This recommendation is meant to protect those who may have received killed measles vaccine, which was available in 1963-1967 and was not effective", according to this Q & A on measles from the CDC.

If you were born before the 1960s, you may have never been vaccinated against measles because it was assumed you'd been exposed to the virus.

While vaccines are required for school children across the country, nearly all states allow exemptions for families who say it's against their religious beliefs, and 17 states allow a parent to opt out for philosophical or personal reasons.

But what if you don't have written documentation of the right vaccine?