Starbucks rolls out new Cloud Macchiato beverage


The cloud macchiato, as a Starbucks blog noted, arrives almost three decades after its initial macchiato offerings in the late 1980s. "Gee thanks, just made it", the company tweeted, a slight variation on Grande's lyrics from her song "7 Rings". The Cloud drink, which is available in cinnamon and caramel flavors and can be served iced or hot, is similar, but the difference can largely be found in the milk product, which a Starbucks press release referred to as "a cloud of cold milk foam that's light and smooth". What's more, you get that classic Starbucks sizing, from Short to Tall to Venti to ... you guessed it, Grande, as in Ariana Grande, the blockbuster pop star who designed the drink! Grande has been known to use the cloud emoji often, and regularly includes cloud imagery in her work. The resulting foam is comparable to Starbucks' cold foam, which it introduced broadly past year. And there's no rush to sample the new beverage - Starbucks says it will become a permanent item on its menu.

For the cloud macchiato, Starbucks drew inspiration from a Spanish drink called leche merengada, or "merengue milk". Twitter was flooded with different takes on the teaming.

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Understandably, fans are freaking out over the collab and can't wait to order themselves a "Grande Ariana". Well, she loves Starbucks and starting this weekend, you will hear her over the speakers on the coffeehouses playlist. Will you try the Cloud Macchiato?

I mean maybe it is us, but all of the Instagram posts had us thinking of those ASMR videos and while we could totally see that being a thing Starbucks would offer, we really think this is something else based on the coffee emojis used. In 2014, Starbucks partnered with Oprah Winfrey to create the Teavana Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte. Also, the stores are selling Lemon Cake pops to provide a citrus burst to the sweet treat.