Single trade deadline among Major League Baseball rule changes


The 2020 season will feature changes to how many players can be on the active roster and a minimum on how many batters a pitcher must face before being removed from the game.

All-Star game voting will see a significant overhaul with fan voting in two rounds.

Trade Deadline: The trade deadline will remain July 31st; however, trade waivers will be eliminated.

All-Star bonus payments will be given to the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (top six for outfielders).

As for the All-Star game, fans will still vote online for the All-Star starters, but the top three vote-getters will have a one-day election for selection of players.

Major League Baseball and the Players Union are set to announces those changes as well as using a three-batter minimum for pitchers and new roster expansion set for the 2020 season, according to the report.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association will form a joint committee to consider other changes.

Home run derby: The victor now receives $1 million.

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If the All-Star Game goes to extra innings, each half inning will begin with a runner on second base. Contending clubs, one would imagine, will be forced to be more aggressive when seeking to acquire talent, while borderline teams who would previously have waited until mid- or late-August to sell off assets in a series of waiver claims will now be forced to make a decision much sooner. Players who have already been taken out of the game will be allowed to run.

The MLBPA, player representatives and players themselves have become increasingly frustrated with the current state of free agency, lamenting the stagnant market (particularly for second- and third-tier free agents).

Elimination of 40-man active roster limit in September. What had been a 26th player for certain day-night doubleheaders through August 31 will become a 27th player in those situations. From September 1st through the end of the championship season, all Clubs must carry 28 players on the active roster. A committee between the sides that will study the game is expected to make recommendations on the maximum number of pitchers allowed on the rosters.

Contending teams will not only have to consider big areas to fix in July, but if they are thin in even a supplementary area they might have to consider acquisitions. First, the "Primary Round" will have the team nominate one player per eligible position.

Starting and relief pitchers must pitch to either a minimum of three batters or at the end of half inning. While a compromise could be reached in distributing more money to the younger players whom the current system underpays, the complications of doing so warrant a long runway for discussions.

Arguably most importantly, the Major League Baseball and the PA will begin discussing labor issues far before the current collective bargaining agreement expires in December 2021, according to the agreement.

The amount of days pitchers must spend on the Injured List increases from 10 for 15 days as does the minimum assignment period of pitchers optioned to the minors.