Samsung wants to eliminate unsightly cutouts, integrate selfie cameras under the display


Popularized by the iPhone X, but now commonplace on phones like Google's Pixel 3 XL and the OnePlus 6T, the screen notch offered a compromise between accommodating the front-facing sensors a modern device requires, while still covering as much of the front of the handset with display as possible.

Speaking in a briefing the vice president of Samsung's R&D group, Yang Byung-duk, described Samsung's plans to create a phone with a full-body display, with the camera and speaker under the screen.

Notches, hole-punches and other unsightly camera cutouts could be a short-lived blemish on the smartphone industry if a recent report from Jonhap News Agency proves accurate. Yang admits that it won't be possible to build the true all-screen phone of the future for at least a few more years, but says it should be possible to hide the camera beneath the display within the next year or two.

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"Galaxy S10 is the only smartphone that has a hole in OLED display itself", Yang pointed out. "We tried the technology for Galaxy's 10th anniversary model and think the strategy worked as a result".

"Punching a hole in the OLED display is a very challenging technology", he said. "Hole display is not one of the design options, but it is a noteworthy achievement in terms of the display technological advances". Back in October 2018, the company gave a presentation in which it said that it wants to maximize screen real estate by using technologies such is an in-display fingerprint reader, under-display camera sensors, in-display speakers, and haptic display technologies. We know for a fact that Samsung's been mulling over the idea for a while, but rival LG beat it to the punch with the LG G8 ThinQ.