Rex is the largest known specimen - and it's from Saskatchewan


At almost 42 feet long, the dinosaur weighed an estimated 19,555 pounds (8,870 kg) when it roamed prehistoric Saskatchewan some 66 million years ago, making it the world's largest known T. rex, and the biggest dinosaur ever found in Canada. Now, one specimen discovered nearly 30 years ago is revealing that the animals grew even larger than fossils have led some to believe. Their study of Scotty was the first to take detailed measurements, and to compare the specimen to other known T. rex fossils, including the famous "Sue", once considered the biggest T. rex skeleton ever found. Researchers say that as reptiles which grew incredibly fast, these dinosaurs may have ended their lives relatively young.

"By Tyrannosaurus standards, it had an unusually long life".

"This is the rex of rexes", said Scott Persons, lead author of the study and postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biological Sciences. "Among the known species, T. rex is one of the best represented extinct dinosaurs, with more than 20 fossil individuals identified", according to National Geographic.

When Robert Gebhardt, a Canadian teacher, found the bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex in the rock of an ancient riverbed the museum crew he was assisting celebrated with a bottle of whisky and named the brute Scotty. Scientists began excavating the dinosaur in 1994 and presented their findings Friday in the journal The Anatomical Record. Plus the scientists could only work on the excavation during the summer when the ground is not frozen. Scotty in particular is estimated to have lived into his early 30s when he died. "That's not an excavation", Persons remarked. Scientists believe few rexes lived past the age of 30. Persons said the skeleton bears many violent scars, including evidence of broken ribs, an infected jaw and what might be a bite from another T-Rex. More importantly, it's some 400 kilograms heavier than the previous T. rex record-holder, Sue, from Chicago's Field Museum. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, long ones. and then there's "Scotty". According to the researchers, Sue weighted 800 pounds less than Scotty.

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No big deal or anything, but Canada, the world's largest T. rex was discovered in Saskatchewan.

The lack of other similarly sized T. rex fossils suggests most other dinosaurs did not live long enough to reach their full growth potential.

"Scotty is the oldest T-Rex known", Persons said.

Dinosaurs come in all different shapes and sizes.