PewDiePie hackers might permanently lock users' files if T-Series wins


While T- Series leading the race on Thursday with 90,465,532 subscribers, PewDiePie followed closely with 90,455,390 subscriber count. Since joining YouTube in 2010, PewDiePie has grown to become YouTube's highest-paid vlogger and the most subscribed channel on YouTube, barring certain periods when other channels such as Youtube Spotlight, and more recently T-Series, surpassed it for brief periods of time. So, T-series now has nearly 30K+ more subscribers than T-series and this gap may widen in the future.

Dubbed "PewCrypt, ' the malware will continue to lock users" files until PewDiePie reaches his 100 million subscriber goal, even after they subscribe.

Internet subscribers grew 28 percent from 446 million in December 2017 to 570 million in November 2018. Fans in Bangladesh and India put their support behind PewDiePie, and YouTube star Justin Roberts reportedly spent $1 million on a Times Square billboard.

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With this defeat, T-Series has demonstrated that Indian creators can likewise give a great challenge to the worldwide best YouTubers. Not many were surprised hearing PewDiePie's name in the stream as the YouTuber has always been criticized for making anti-Semitic jokes and using racist language. He then said he felt sickened that his name was uttered by the suspect in the shootings and sympathized with the families of the victims.

While PewDiePie's war with T-Series is seen as the native creator standard-bearer up against a corporate entertainment interest, the latter has been tapping into the creativity of independent YouTube creators. Over the past six months, both the channels were popular because of the competition and race to wind up the most noteworthy subscribed channel. T-Series had 90.458 million subscribers whereas PewDiePie had 90.452 million subscribers.

They have developed a couple of ransomware strains to help him beat the Indian label and become the first YouTuber in the world to touch the 100 million subscriber mark. Earlier this month, the company's CEO Bhushan Kumar tweeted a video urging Indians to subscribe to T-Series and create history by making it the first Indian YouTube channel to do so. But PewDiePie-who has been the No. 1 YouTuber since 2013-hasn't given up yet. At the time, PewDiePie defended himself, saying he was trying to show that people will do weird things for money.