New Zealand calls for vaccination against measles following outbreak


Lindenberger got his vaccinations himself when he turned 18.

The health department says they'll update the public if any new measles cases are confirmed. Clark County Public Health does not provide immunizations or testing for immunity. The first dose is typically received by the children at the time when they turn 15 months old and the second dose is generally given to them when they reach the age of 4 years.

"Another huge problem, however, is that a large proportion of people become infectious and spread the virus before they develop signs, so they present a risk to others without them or their caregivers knowing it".

In fact, it's not really a surprise to see an outbreak of mumps or measles.

"It can now be assumed that measles is circulating widely in our community", the DHB said in a statement.

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Measles infects the respiratory system and can cause deafness, blindness and can even be fatal in some rare cases.

When he was a minor, Lindenberger's parents blocked him for getting shots.

The advent of anti-vaxxer groups (people who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children against vaccine-preventable infections), has resulted in a number of sporadic outbreaks of measles across developed nations around the world.

"Sometimes, in certain areas, when you have a high population of unvaccinated individuals, certain diseases can take hold". It might also lead to serious complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis (swelling of the brain). Before scientists developed the vaccine, between 3 and 4 million people caught measles and 500 died from it each year in the USA, according to the agency.

People who were born before 1969 or have had two shots of the MMR vaccinations are considered "fully protected" Pink said, but those aged between 29 and 50 who have only had one measles vaccination are not considered immune, and will require an additional shot.