Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to iOS and Android


That said, Microsoft doubled down on its platform agnostic stance with Xbox Live in the same interview. It's worth noting that Xbox Live support does already exist for Android and iOS titles, but it's been limited to Microsoft Studios games.

Thursday (March 14), the company behind Xbox revealed that it's opening up its Xbox Live online gaming network to Android and iOS mobile platforms.

According to The Verge who was on hand for the announcement, Xbox Live for Android will offer developers the ability to build party systems, messaging, Xbox achievements, Microsoft sign-in, as well as cloud saves into mobile games.

Using Xbox Live will provide several benefits for game developers.

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Today, Microsoft unveiled a suite of new tools for game developers under a new Azure product called GameStack, bringing together live ops systems for service-type games such as PlayFab, middleware engines like Simplygon and Havok, as well as new features like PlayFab UGC, which allows developers to set up user-generated content storefronts similar to that seen in Minecraft. Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft's gaming cloud chief, issued the following statement.

Regardless, Microsoft's GDC 2019 panel will definitely be one to watch, as Xbox Live is about to blow up. On Nintendo Switch, the Bedrock version of Minecraft also uses Xbox Live to enable crossplay with other platforms. That includes includes a trusted identity network based on Microsoft accounts, a frictionless integration for developers (Xbox Live-enabled games were notoriously hard to develop in the Windows 8/Windows Phone era due to Microsoft's strict guidelines), as well as many ways to keep mobile gamers engaged with achievements, crossplay, and more.

"Over the past 16 years, Xbox Live has become one of the most vibrant and engaged gaming communities in the world". "But we don't have any specific announcements as it relates to Switch today".