Marvel's WHAT IF Animated Series Joins Disney+ Streaming Service!


More news on Disney+ is expected to be revealed during a Disney investors meeting on April 11.

For the uninitiated, the What If series was first published in 1977 as a type of one-off comics all centered around an alternate timeline of events in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel is reportedly working on a new animated series for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service based on the What If series of comics that explored the weird alternate versions of the Marvel universe, according to SlashFilm. They also claim that potentially the "main actors from the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe movies" may play their animated counterparts in the series.

The animated series will follow the What If comic series, which explores what might have happened if key moments in the Marvel Universe unfolded differently than what happened in canon. According to /Film, it will be an anthology like the comics and different stories with different characters will be featured in each episode.

The Marvel Studios Disney Plus Loki series will feature Tom Hiddleston; Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will be back for Scarlet Witch and Vision, and Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will be return for Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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With so many series and movies going to Disney Plus, a very fan-centric series like What If could be overlooked for more popular titles-movies like Avengers: Infinity War. The Disney Plus service is scheduled to release later this year.

Considering all of the options available, a What If series will only appeal to die-hard Marvel fans who are familiar with the anthology of stories.

On the other hand, the What If TV show could be a hugely successful property.

Do you think Marvel's What If series would be better off on Hulu?

Hulu's adult-animated series are now in development and set for debut in 2020.