Lucky Streak: Virginia Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times in One Day


Some people go their whole lives without winning the lottery, but not Deborah Brown.

The number combination won the February 11 drawing and each ticket was worth $5,000.

She bought 20 Pick 4 tickets with the numbers: 1-0-3-1. Later that day, much to her surprise, "1-0-3-1" was read out as the winning sequence - and she netted a $150,000 check. Brown said as the day progressed, she began to notice the same series of numbers appearing everywhere she looked. Adding that she was "really feeling it".

Brown spent $30 in total for the tickets but won $5,000 for each, the highest available prize for a $1 ticket.

Brown says she "nearly had a heart attack".

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She recently picked her check for $150,000.

Brown said she does not have "immediate plans" on how to spend her newfound fortune, but she is thinking long-term about using the money for home improvement projects.

The odds of matching all four numbers in order is 1 in 10,000 according to the Virginia lottery.

"She's considering some home renovation", the Virginia Lottery said in a statement.