Lori Loughlin Surrenders to Police After College Cheating Scandal Indictment


Given the allegations against Loughlin and her husband, clearly these interviews have not aged well. While several other people who were indicted on the same or similar charges related to the alleged scheme were arrested on March 12, including Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, Loughlin was reportedly out of the country at the time. Prosecutors called it the largest such scandal in US history.

"We are going to conduct a case-by-case review for current students and graduates that may be connected to the scheme alleged by the government", said USC Media Relations rep for the school. In a statement Tuesday, USC said it fired two of the employees named in the scandal and said it is cooperating with law enforcement on the investigation.

Another parent charged in the scheme, Manuel Henriquez, resigned as chief executive officer of the finance company Hercules Capital, the company said early on Wednesday.

Giannulli, a social media influencer with millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram, attracted further scrutiny this week with a video she posted before she began the fall semester previous year, saying she didn't care about school and was just there to experience the game days and the "partying". Prosecutors in the US attorney's office in Boston say his company, Edge College & Career Network, made $25 million since embarking on the fraud in 2011, offering what he promised was a "guarantee" of admission. They were on the show until it ended in 1995. Loughlin, along with over 40 people, was involved in using unethical means to get her children into college.

The girls who didn't partake in rowing while at the college had their parents bribe coaches and fake resumes to secure them a place without applying and receiving the correct SAT score like the rest of the country.

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In some cases, though not all, Singer ensured the child was oblivious to the cheating.

In some instances, Singer even helped doctor photographs to make a child appear athletic. The sham charity, the Key Worldwide Foundation, purported to help provide an education to "underprivileged students".

It is said that the students involved did not know about their parents' collusion with the scam, and are not being prosecuted. "Your parents' actions robbed a student from a position at this university".

Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, previously received backlash for comments she made in regard to college. She was promptly released after posting a $1-million bond, putting her L.A. home up as collateral.

Olivia Jade Giannulli had also cut brand deals with partners including Amazon, Dolce & Gabbana, Lulus, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Sephora, Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics, Smile Direct Club, Too Faced Cosmetics, Boohoo, and Unilever's TRESemme.