Lashana Lynch reveals her favorite aspects of her 'Captain Marvel' character


With an impressive $153 million debut in North America, Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe title totaled a global opening weekend of $455 million, or the sixth highest global debut and the biggest opening of 2019, surpassing the entire top 10 total of the same weekend a year ago.

In terms of a debut showing for a comic book film starring a character in their debut outing, that puts it second only to Black Panther, which pipped it at the post with a $200 million opening.

Captain Marvel: The Stan Lee Cameo in Brie Larson's Superhero Film Is Very SPECIAL for This Meta Reason!

It's no coincidence that the two solo movies set prior to, and released in-between, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame were Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel.

"Captain Marvel" landed an A CinemaScore.

As for the movie, Captain Marvel is poised to be the bridge between the end of the current Avengers story arc and the next phase of the MCU.

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Brie Larson serves popcorn to fans at a Captain Marvel screening. Others took issue with Larson's statements about making her press interviews for the film more inclusive and not "overwhelmingly white male".

Taff declined to address "Captain Marvel" foes but applauded Marvel and Kevin Feige for propelling a movie that expanded the Marvel universe.

Captain Marvel has a little something for everyone, from sci-fi lovers to those who care more for drama, from young girls with big dreams to old men that love action and wit, and for cat-lovers and cat-haters alike.

It's six years before Captain Marvel learns the truth, and discovers that the shape-shifting Skrulls she is now fighting are really the good guys, while the Krees are the bad guys. Others will be inspired by Larson's never give up attitude and even more will enjoy Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, as he keeps the audience laughing throughout the movie.

The underlying theme of the movie is often brought forward through dialogue with quotes like, "I want you to be the best version of yourself".

The domestic tally makes "Captain America" the biggest opening of the year and could signal a rebound for theater owners, whose sales were down 26 percent year to date as of last weekend. The U.K. generated $16.8 million, the third highest March launch for that market.